Thursday, August 30, 2007


Found a brand new store (for me at least) Microphage There are freebie bikini's and tank tops in loads of colors. The Packs are L$1 and come in lots of colors per pack.

I wanted to do a quick little update on Microphage. Another good way to get freebies is to join update groups. The little red and blue keyhole number on the left was my free gift for joining this group.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Male Special Edition

Special guest model Atticus is here to show you a few freebie options I found for men. The shape store /Edit/ has a free newbie shape and skin. It comes with hair, but I didn't like it so I went for the Lex Luthor instead. I like this shape store because she has all kinds of non traditional shapes that look like real people and don't all look like they come from Muscle Beach. I thought I'd give you all a little skin shot too, because I really love the perfect amount of hairiness that Atticus is sporting in this skin.
The free tuxedo comes from Sand Ranch.

Kumamoto Japan

Thanks once again to Lavender for the tip (Hey, who's Sherpa'ing whom)

she teleported me to Kumamoto Japan where there are lots of cute Japanese clothes, including two Kimono's one of which I'm modeling here. I also bought myself a little friend. That would be my little parakeet. (I named him Joey) I splurged and paid L$5 for him, but a girl has to have a companion.

Monday, August 27, 2007

I won! I won!

It pays to read the fashion blogs. Another great way for a gal low on funds is to watch out for contests. Ciera Bergman of Vitamin Ci announced a contest that the first ten people to go to her store on Hefferoo and IM her could pick out any outfit from her store. I hoofed it over there like I was ON FIRE because I love that store and I won. so I picked up this little outfit (perfect for back to school) called 'bundle up' in cream. It's very versatile. The turleneck itself and the skirt can both be romoved, so you can also have a plain sweater and some plaid shorts if you want.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Blades of Glory!!!

Today's freebie is brought to you via the suggestion of Lavender at Sand Dollar Sea. If you go to Torva skating rink you will find the free ice skates and these skating outfits. The skates come with an animation that makes you ice skate on the rink. Much fun had by all.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Gnubie Store on Indigo

The Gnubie store on Indigo is my favorite freebie store. It's really well organized and not as laggy as it could be. There is everything from clothes to skins and animations. These tights are in a pack with about fifty other pairs. The Doc Martin type (or OI) boots were a freebie from a Motorati promotion which is no longer going on.
There is a "Scotty" from star trek Avatar you can get, I ditched the rest of the avatar but kept the skin, in case I ever want to be old for some reason.

Shiny things has jewelry a jewelry wall and there are waay more than I'm showing here.

This black and white dress is one of my favorite dresses. My hair is a freebie from ETD.

Friday, August 24, 2007

A day late and a linden short

I should have blogged this earlier, but oh well, it's still worth a mention. A few weeks ago Emma Gilmore of The Surf Shack put out an S.O.S. She had spilled a strawberry shake on her keyboard and fried it. She had to come up with much dinero pronto (I'm such a polyglot). She held a fundraiser and put on a major sale at her store. I decided to go check it out and coughed up ten hard earned lindens to buy a fundraiser tee-shirt. Much to my surprise I found a whole slew of freebie goodies in my inventory as a thank you. So I really made out like a bandit and all for a good cause too. She got her computer back and all is right with the world.

The fundraiser is over now, but she still has a major sale going on and it's a really fun store on a really fun sim. All these pictures were taken in the surrounding area from the store.

Hurry to Last Call

If I had a dollar for every time I had to hurry to catch last call...but that's a different story. What we are talking about here is Last Call the clothing store. They have a 1L$ dress sale on this nice party outfit in four different colors. This is only available until August 31st. I can't find a Slurl at the moment but I will add one. There I actually made one myself. It's so easy I have no idea why all designers don't include them in their blogs. It would sure simplify life. Well, second life.
Also, and this almost never happens, there are cute heels on sale too. I bought the dress in Aubergine (sported with freebie purple ETD hair) and Sangria (ditto on the hair only different color)
The only problem I found with the dress is that I had some fleshy muffin top action between the top and the skirt. I tried editing my appearance to make my hips shorter or smaller and fiddled about a bit before deciding that my body was perfect so forget it. See wouldn't that be nice in real life too.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Miriel has some beautiful freebie jewelry. The pieces I am showing here are just the tip of the iceburg. Each of these pieces come in a variety of metal combinations and there are some pieces I didn't even get a chance to photograph.

One of the main things I love about this store are her eyes. Unfortunately I can't show you here because I can't afford them yet, but I'm saving up! Her eyes come in many colors and you can choose sizes, either a traditional size or slightly larger. Eyes are one of those things (along with shoes, prim lashes, and a host of other things) that are worth spending a little money on. I really like the ones I'm sporting now, I got them as a freebie and I'm damned if I remember where, but they can make a huge difference in how 'alive' your avatar looks.

The hair I'm wearing is the freebie I got at Icings and the skin is from Skin within, it is the free Adhira Opal skin they were giving away for free. (no longer, sorry)

I thought I saw Posh Spice at Free Dove, Weird.

Every Newbie should take a road trip to Free Dove. It's another treasure hunt. Some awesome, some crap, but fun to search. After slogging through a great ocean of merchandise I came up with these lovelies. I feel like Posh Spice, I mean Beckham in this black evening ensemble. I usually hate second life hats, but this one isn't too bad. There is also a halfway decent pair of shoes, which are very hard to find for free. They have bling, but it can be turned off.

For those of you unfamiliar with bling, it's the script that makes things look like they 'shine'. Not only is it not amusing and kind of tacky, it also can severely slow down a sim. It's good manners to turn it off if you are in a slow place (like Free Dove) Frankly, I just hate it, and don't recommend it at all unless your Avatar is actually a gangsta and it's necessary for the look.

I also found these cute color change hairsticks (although I was too tired to change the color) and nice button down shirt. The nice thing about freebie boxes is they usually contain a landmark to the store where the freebie originated. So, if you find something that is really your style you can head over there and buy more stuff. That is actually the point of freebie things for most designer.

Hidden in another box was this cute little bikini and sarong. They describe it as 'tartan' but I would be more inclined to call it 'madras' Not just a cocktail anymore. My hair I've been modeling for this blog is a freebie from ETD.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Pixel dolls can do no wrong

Once again Pixeldolls comes through. Nephaleine has released another cute freebie. this one has assorted jeans and vests that come in all kinds of layers so you can mix and match. Even some cute gloves. These came in handy because I got a JOB there. I grant you mopping floors for lindens isn't glamorous, but hey, I spent nothing and made some money so I'm ahead.
My hair is another freebie from the hairspray freebie store.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Wearing almost nothing but my hair

I paid a visit to Hairspray an entire sim made up of different hair stores. There is one whole store made up entirely of free and nearly free items.

The hairstyle on my left is from Sinsation one of the stores in residence. They have a few boxes of inexpensive items in here also. The 'do' on my left is from a box of items fro L$1. The box contains 8 different hairstyles in a bunch of different colors.

A word about free hair. Quite often, not always, but often, free hair is from an older style or the beta version of a style that has since been improved. So although getting free hair is a good reason to start at a store, it is worth it to splurge on some brand new hair once in awhile because the techniques for making it improve dramatically.
I am brushing out yet another lovely hair from the sinsation box. The bikini is from a freebie box found on the main hairspray freebie store.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Free Skin from Skin Within

I trotted on over to Skin Within. They have a free skin that is always available for newcomers, it comes with a free shape and eyebrow shaping. Until 7am Aug 16 they are also giving away another free skin, but it's a treasure hunt so I can't tell you where it is. One of these pictures is the always available Allegra and the other is the super secret skin. After August 16th I will tell you which is which.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

ETD is happy hair time!

One of my absolute favorite hair places in ETD
They have beautiful colors and textures. They also have a bunch of freebies and newbie prices on hair. Both of these styles didn't cost anything, but they also have some really nice ones for $L10. That's a really great price since some better hair can cost hundreds. There is also a sale going on right now and most of the hair is 50% off. The Tee shirt and pants I'm wearing here also come in one of the hair freebie packs.

Hair is another one of those inventory gobblers that should be edited often. Many freebie packs come with tons of colors, many of which you will never wear. I decided early to be a redhead, so I just delete the others. I do keep an occasional different color in case I get invited to a costume party or I'm just being crazy. You can also store the ones you don't need in a cube. See Torley Linden's Inventory tutorial on the sidebar if you want to find out how.

The skin I'm wearing here is Realskins Rose which is a free skin they are giving away at the skin expo Unfortunately the expo is only going on until August 17th.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Welcome to Vienna, don't mind the Lag

Today's adventure (and it WAS an adventure) takes us to the Vienna Freebie Store. Everything in the store is L$0. There is lots of good stuff and also a fair amount of junk too. It's like thrift shopping. My advice to you is not to buy everything at once. The store is super laggy and you aren't doing yourself any favors by loading up your inventory. I had to log in and out several times during my trip. But, hey, it's free so quit yer bitchin' Sherpa.

A word about inventory. Delete, delete, delete. Go through and just get rid of any freebies you won't ever wear. It will save you lag and many headaches. Check out the inventory tutorial by Torley Linden that I linked for you. He's cute as a button too, so it's worth a watch.
I had to dig through a lot of stuff to get to these cute clothes and the crazy hair, but sometimes that can be fun. If you like flea markets, you'll dig this place.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Feeling Irie Mon

All this blogging is exhausting me, so I decided to take a littlel vacation. All work and no play and all that. I headed off to the Rasta Beach and Resort Club. When you get there the first thing you see is a groovy little bikini with boy shorts for free. There are also some surf shorts for guys.

I tried my hand at windsurfing for the first time too which I must say was pretty fun. Even if I did end up in the water. I decided to wear the men's surf shorts for that little adventure.

Eventually I just fell back into my old habits and decide to kick back and lounge with a glass of wine, thoughtfully provided by the resort.

Bikini L$0
Men's Surf Shorts L$0
Glass of Wine L$0

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Hurry to PixelDolls While Ye May

Pixeldolls has some of the most beautiful clothes in Second Life. They have some GORGEOUS freebies available too. They are also having a big sale. They are working on moving from the ginormous store they have now into smaller boutique type stores. So run, fly or teleport there as fast as you can while these things are still available. The turquoise dress is the fantastic dress 'celeste' it comes in lots and lots of colors. The thing I love about it the most is the texturing. Even though it is a shirt, pants and prim skirt, it looks like a dress.
A word about skirts. Most items that are created using the actual second life skirt template (you'll recognize it from the purple skirt icon next to it in your inventory)otherwise known as a 'system skirt' tend to make out avatars asses look really big. There are designers who have found ways around this and they are genius. However, for the most part the best way to make a flattering skirt is to use the pants templace (glitch pants) and attach a prim to it that makes it look more tight fitting. You'll understand what I mean when you've tried a bunch of things on.
The other freebie pixel doll folder has lots and lots of really pretty tank tops, even a ballet leotard and a black shrug. It is perfectly acceptable, even recommended to mix and match different parts of different outfits and even different designers. It's called STYLE baby. In this picture I have put on the Wrap tank: dragon and then used the bottom half of the violet celeste dress as a skirt.
Celeste Dress: L$0
Wrap Tank; dragon: L$0

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

baubles and bangles and beads oh my!

I found some lovely free jewelry today. At SecondMirage

You have to hunt around, but that is the point of freebies. They give you a reason to go in and then you see all the other fantastic stuff they have. Pretty good idea. So sometimes it's a hunt, but that is half the fun.

One tip, if you see something that looks like a gift box anywhere, try right clicking and clicking buy. A menu will come up with what is in the box, but you haven't actually bought it until you hit buy again.
gold bangles L$0
I also took a little trip to Caroline's Jewelry on Lo Lo and got these groovy wooden bangles and mother of pearl necklace.
necklace L$0
bangles L$0

Monday, August 6, 2007

A whole new you IN A BOX!

Another great place to start is LindenLifestyles, they have a couple of great Avatar Kits. The Jill in a box and the Jack in a box. They also have some great free hair.

I always grab the male freebies too. They can look really cute on girls. Here I'm wearing the female skin and shape, tank top and cherry bikini top and flip flops from the Jill in a Box and the painter pants and matix sunglasses from Jack in a Box. The hair is the Calla Freebies I'm so Preddy V.2. The red ball in the picture is called a pose ball. when you click on it, you take on whatever pose or animation has been scripted into it. In some places the poses and animations are very very naughty.

Ok, here is the tricky stuff. How to get the gumdangit stuff out of the boxes.

1. Right click on the item you want to buy and then click on buy. It will give you a list of what is in the box. Click buy.

2. Now look in your inventory probably under objects and drag and drop the box on the ground. (sometimes the land you bought a box from doesn't allow you to open it there and you have to go somewhere else to do it, that's a drag)

3. Right click on the box on the ground and click 'open'

4. Then click on copy to inventory. It might give you an error message saying you arent' allowed to copy but it will put it in your inventory or some such thing. Just do it.

5. Now you have a folder with your stuff and you can just right click on the things to wear them.

More free skins!

My next stop is to Tete a Pied for more lovely new skins. They have both a male and female set available for Avatars under one month old. There is range of skins from light to dark. I am wearing Tap Bronzage Light. It's a bit dark for my red hair, but might be good for times
when I would like to have a tan.

My friend Atticus is modeling one of the free Tete a Pied skins for men. Sorry, the awesome hat and hair don't come with it

This one is TaP rose medium, a bitter better suited to my coloring I think and a nice neutral classy skin.

Now, since I find it absolutely impossible to live with the shoes that came with my Avatar, I am off to Lassitude & Ennui, one of the best shoe and jewelry emporiums out there. They have some freebie sandals and jewelry. I am wearing the necklace and earings in silver above. The sandals I have on are the white and silver option, but they come in other colors too.

When wearing shoes, the best ones come with a shoe base that you put on and a left and right prim. You just wear all three together.

Desc: "L&E" Signature set - silver-jewelry

Region: Nouveau L$0

Desc: "L&E" Signature sandals - white
Region: Nouveau L$0