Tuesday, August 14, 2007

ETD is happy hair time!

One of my absolute favorite hair places in ETD
They have beautiful colors and textures. They also have a bunch of freebies and newbie prices on hair. Both of these styles didn't cost anything, but they also have some really nice ones for $L10. That's a really great price since some better hair can cost hundreds. There is also a sale going on right now and most of the hair is 50% off. The Tee shirt and pants I'm wearing here also come in one of the hair freebie packs.

Hair is another one of those inventory gobblers that should be edited often. Many freebie packs come with tons of colors, many of which you will never wear. I decided early to be a redhead, so I just delete the others. I do keep an occasional different color in case I get invited to a costume party or I'm just being crazy. You can also store the ones you don't need in a cube. See Torley Linden's Inventory tutorial on the sidebar if you want to find out how.

The skin I'm wearing here is Realskins Rose which is a free skin they are giving away at the skin expo Unfortunately the expo is only going on until August 17th.


Delilah...Kiss Kiss said...

Thought I'd leave you a little note - Linden Lifestyles has a whole box of free stuff for both male and female avatars - the Jack and Jill boxes. You can get them at their location and the slurl from their blog if it's not searchable - these are also copy/transfer so you can give them away. Calla and ETD both have discounted hairs/dollarbie hairs and Gurl6 and Diversity both give one free hair to newbies less than 30 days old.

Delilah...Kiss Kiss said...

bah, silly me - you just commented on EtD hair

/me face palms

I am slowly making a list of newbies and dollarbies...

oh ...if you join the Bewitched Hair update group you get free hair and entrance to secret sales every week.

Sherpa said...

Hi Delilah,
Thanks for commenting, I sometimes feel like I'm writing into the wind. My goal is to really help out all those people just starting out and the more info I get the better. I haven't joined any update groups yet but that's the next step.