Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Gnubie Store on Indigo

The Gnubie store on Indigo is my favorite freebie store. It's really well organized and not as laggy as it could be. There is everything from clothes to skins and animations. These tights are in a pack with about fifty other pairs. The Doc Martin type (or OI) boots were a freebie from a Motorati promotion which is no longer going on.
There is a "Scotty" from star trek Avatar you can get, I ditched the rest of the avatar but kept the skin, in case I ever want to be old for some reason.

Shiny things has jewelry a jewelry wall and there are waay more than I'm showing here.

This black and white dress is one of my favorite dresses. My hair is a freebie from ETD.


Lavender said...

Thanks for this blog! I really think this is great -- there's so much great stuff, if you know how to sort through it all. My favorite free thing lately has been ice skates -- I have a pair, and now I can't remember where I found them, called "perfect SL free skates" and then Blades of Glory has been doing some sort of promotion and giving away free skates ... I haven't played with them much, but it looks like you can do tricks with them. It seems like they've got something set up with every ice skating rink -- try Yalu (30, 101, 155). It's too bad, though -- I can't find the "perfect" skates anywhere now, and I like the default skating animation on those better...

Oh yeah, and you can get a free dogsled at Dark Kitty (146, 42, 101) ;)

Elinor Darcy said...

I went to the Gnubie store after I read your entry and got a bunch of great stuff! But I couldn't find either the boots or the tights. Did you get them there just recently? Thanks!

Sherpa said...

Hi Elinor,
The tights are mixed in with a bunch of stuff from Deadly Nightshade freebies by Jennifur Perrigrine. They are on a wall on the first floor and aren't shown on the sign. The promotion for the boots is over I think. I may be wrong, I got them on Motorati, it might be worth looking around.

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