Friday, August 24, 2007

Hurry to Last Call

If I had a dollar for every time I had to hurry to catch last call...but that's a different story. What we are talking about here is Last Call the clothing store. They have a 1L$ dress sale on this nice party outfit in four different colors. This is only available until August 31st. I can't find a Slurl at the moment but I will add one. There I actually made one myself. It's so easy I have no idea why all designers don't include them in their blogs. It would sure simplify life. Well, second life.
Also, and this almost never happens, there are cute heels on sale too. I bought the dress in Aubergine (sported with freebie purple ETD hair) and Sangria (ditto on the hair only different color)
The only problem I found with the dress is that I had some fleshy muffin top action between the top and the skirt. I tried editing my appearance to make my hips shorter or smaller and fiddled about a bit before deciding that my body was perfect so forget it. See wouldn't that be nice in real life too.

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