Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I thought I saw Posh Spice at Free Dove, Weird.

Every Newbie should take a road trip to Free Dove. It's another treasure hunt. Some awesome, some crap, but fun to search. After slogging through a great ocean of merchandise I came up with these lovelies. I feel like Posh Spice, I mean Beckham in this black evening ensemble. I usually hate second life hats, but this one isn't too bad. There is also a halfway decent pair of shoes, which are very hard to find for free. They have bling, but it can be turned off.

For those of you unfamiliar with bling, it's the script that makes things look like they 'shine'. Not only is it not amusing and kind of tacky, it also can severely slow down a sim. It's good manners to turn it off if you are in a slow place (like Free Dove) Frankly, I just hate it, and don't recommend it at all unless your Avatar is actually a gangsta and it's necessary for the look.

I also found these cute color change hairsticks (although I was too tired to change the color) and nice button down shirt. The nice thing about freebie boxes is they usually contain a landmark to the store where the freebie originated. So, if you find something that is really your style you can head over there and buy more stuff. That is actually the point of freebie things for most designer.

Hidden in another box was this cute little bikini and sarong. They describe it as 'tartan' but I would be more inclined to call it 'madras' Not just a cocktail anymore. My hair I've been modeling for this blog is a freebie from ETD.

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