Monday, August 6, 2007

More free skins!

My next stop is to Tete a Pied for more lovely new skins. They have both a male and female set available for Avatars under one month old. There is range of skins from light to dark. I am wearing Tap Bronzage Light. It's a bit dark for my red hair, but might be good for times
when I would like to have a tan.

My friend Atticus is modeling one of the free Tete a Pied skins for men. Sorry, the awesome hat and hair don't come with it

This one is TaP rose medium, a bitter better suited to my coloring I think and a nice neutral classy skin.

Now, since I find it absolutely impossible to live with the shoes that came with my Avatar, I am off to Lassitude & Ennui, one of the best shoe and jewelry emporiums out there. They have some freebie sandals and jewelry. I am wearing the necklace and earings in silver above. The sandals I have on are the white and silver option, but they come in other colors too.

When wearing shoes, the best ones come with a shoe base that you put on and a left and right prim. You just wear all three together.

Desc: "L&E" Signature set - silver-jewelry

Region: Nouveau L$0

Desc: "L&E" Signature sandals - white
Region: Nouveau L$0

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