Saturday, August 4, 2007

So you have an avatar now what?

Ah, so you've got an avatar. You've navigated your way through help island and here you are ready to party. To get down. To get shopping with your own bad self. But, oh oh, things sure do cost a whooooole lotta lindens round here. Well fret not kids, you can look absolutely frickin' tastic in very little time spending very litte dough and I am here to help you. The bad news is that you really do need some money. Even 'free' things sometimes cost L$1. So get camping, get some money from your bank account or get someone to give you a couple of bucks. I don't care how you get it, but for $L10 I can make you a STAR!

Our first stop is Icings on Mischief Cove. They have a lovely skin, shape and hair for absolutely bubkus. Nada, Zero, Zilch. They also have this gorgeous tank top and skirt set for L$1. I have decided to be a redhead. Coz' I do what I want, and I want that.But the hair comes in several colors so have fun.
How to wear the hair. This can be tricky for first timers. The hair that comes with your newbie avatar is stuck to your head. You cannot remove it, you must replace it with the bald cap that comes with your new hair or else it will show through. Once you do this your Avi is bald when you detach the hair. Now, this is really important. Don't ever put on the newbie hair again. Delete it, it's horrible and will give me hives if I see it.

Desc: Mischief Freebie Skin and Shape
Region: Mischief L$0

Desc: Miko Omegamu - Valedictorian Hair
Region: Mischief L$0

Desc: *ICING* Gift: La Vie Boheme - Amethyst
Region: Mischief L$1

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