Saturday, August 11, 2007

Welcome to Vienna, don't mind the Lag

Today's adventure (and it WAS an adventure) takes us to the Vienna Freebie Store. Everything in the store is L$0. There is lots of good stuff and also a fair amount of junk too. It's like thrift shopping. My advice to you is not to buy everything at once. The store is super laggy and you aren't doing yourself any favors by loading up your inventory. I had to log in and out several times during my trip. But, hey, it's free so quit yer bitchin' Sherpa.

A word about inventory. Delete, delete, delete. Go through and just get rid of any freebies you won't ever wear. It will save you lag and many headaches. Check out the inventory tutorial by Torley Linden that I linked for you. He's cute as a button too, so it's worth a watch.
I had to dig through a lot of stuff to get to these cute clothes and the crazy hair, but sometimes that can be fun. If you like flea markets, you'll dig this place.


Anonymous said...

Hiya, at your pics you wear one of my crosstops ;-)) You are reviewing a freebeestore, i was wondering if u get the top there? Iki Ikarus, Dutch Touch

Anonymous said...

It could be a different top, but it looks so much like one of the crosstops out of my store ;-))

Sherpa said...

Pretty much my plan is to wear only items from the store I'm reviewing.Do you think that the item was incorrectly placed in the freebie store.If this is true or you just would rather not have this item reviewed for that store I would be happy to delete this post.

Iki Ikarus said...

Hiya!, nah, It is not neccesairy to delete your post, i could be wrong, though ;-)) The pic doesnt show the back of the top, but there is a lot of simularity.
Good Luck with your blog, ^^
grtzz IKi