Thursday, September 13, 2007

Alady Island

Just look at these photos, what a difference. I went to Alady Island. In the ladies only dressing room, there are a whole slew of freebies. For me, the most important where my prim eyelashes, new eyes and facelight. Compare this photo to some old posts and see what a difference these things can make. I think I'm a little in love with myself right now. Alady Island not only has freebies, but they also have a women only dressing room. There are lot's of clothes and animations also, none of which I had time to try on because of a lag problem.


Taff said...

The reason for the lag is the 60 "bot" avatars that are hidden underwater there are 30 on each island some of them standing around modeling skins, the rest under the water and in boxes hidden underwater there, I looked around and saw 6 people on one island, and 4 on the other, the rest, all bots, what a waste of resources.

Tracey Sassoon said...

oh my you have so much time on your hands to go and count avatars on islands call the presses there is robots on islands oh my news flash its not real world hun if you think its a waste of resources shop somewhere else and if you are so petty to worry about how many avatars on on islands you need some professional help dear

Purple said...

I found this place as well. You're quite right, its not only good for freebies but its excellent for reasonably priced stuff. Excellent find :)

And I love the dressing rooms. I know it sounds weird but I like the privacy ;)