Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Back to ETD

ETD has a brand new store. It's huge! Luckily, there is a teleporter that can take you directly to the part of the store you are looking for. When I went there was even a friendly salesperson who actually walked me over to what I was looking for. I was looking for this great new hair. It is a freebie that comes in a whole bunch of colors and the hat is attached. I find the only really good hats in SL are attached to hair,but maybe sculpties are going to change that.

There is a whole wing dedicated to freebies (and some 5L$ hair that you should check out). There are some outfits too. I picked up this pajama shorts and tank set, that comes withseveral colors in the pack and a little summer dress that also comes with multiple colors.

She's so unusual shoes has also added some new freebies to their store including these open toe sandals.

I also wanted to add that one of the best ways to find out what is new at stores, or get free gifts is to join the update groups. Tanya Book has published a list of stores that carry the Subscribe-o-matic, which is the easiest way to join groups. The Link is here.

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