Saturday, September 22, 2007

Groups are Grrrrrrrreeeaaatt!!!

I'm a bit of a late comer when it comes to joining groups. Now I'm an addict! Here are some great gifts I recieved this week. The most amazing gift was []::Tuli:[] I recieved new skins in four different shades with a choice of brown or black eyebrows. Bryanna is wearing the Medium with brown brows and Sherpa is wearing the light with brown brows. It is sooo difficult to find beautiful free skins and these are exceptional. Since Bryanna has such big hoo ha's you can see the lovely shading in the cleavage too. She's usually way more of a tart that it's like seeing Pam Anderson without makeup. It's like, "wow, you're kind of pretty".

Bryanna's hair is bedded attitude by ETD, it can be found in the discount section. I paid L$10 for a pack of all different colors, but I think it may be L$5 now. The dress is the first dress I bought that wasn't free. It's also from ETD but my short term memory is shot so I can't remember what it cost.

The little cute little orange tops in yellow is from the vitamin C update group. There are other colors and matching pants. The pretty dress is a free gift from the Icings update group.

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