Thursday, September 20, 2007

Introducing some cohorts

Hello Friends. You may have noticed that freebie blogs are popping up all over the place. I think it is great. Competition and cooperation hand in hand inspire ingenuity and quality. However, I can't stand redundency and dont' want to keep blogging the same things as everyone else.

I will continue to look for new and exciting free and dollarbee items because I still believe that the easier and more satisfying a new person finds SecondLife, the more likely they will be to stick around. For my own satisfaction and to keep me from going crazy with boredom, I have decided to add a few more elements to my blog. With the help of my friends, (who in the name of honesty are my alts, I am now officially insane) here are some of the things I will be trying.

Esmeralda: She is a beautiful fuller size woman. I will be on the prowl for items that look particularly good on her. Diversity, diversity, diversity. She is the most like me in real life and I want to honor that.

Bryanna: Bryanna will be looking out for bargains that aren't necessarilly free, but which are good deals for what they are. Quality skins for less than a thousand dollars say, or buy one get one free and the like.

Atticus: Hot stud man. I'm in love with him. Since he imbues my idea of male perfection with my own personality he has pretty much ruined things for real life men. I will add a picture when I get a good one.

A word about my using Alts. Although I will probably be writing in first person as these people, I intend to be honest and upfront about it. For one thing, if someone doesn't realize that it is all me and I end up with four different ballots for something, I will only vote once. It will be more fun for me if I can use different 'voices' so I will try to do that, but that may or may not work. Please feel free to comment on this I am interested in what you think.


Anonymous said...

OMG are insane...and do your alts converse with each other inside your head? *g* mine do..welcome to club insanity..membership is free and permanent!! Its a kewl idea and wonderful you are upfront about luck to you!!

Sherpa said...

At the risk of making myself sound even more crazy, part of the reason I decided to do this is because I was feeling like I was neglecting my other alts. Like I was hurting their feelings or something. They're coming to take me away ha ha....