Friday, September 28, 2007

Mixing and matching me some RealSkin

With the release of RealSkins freebie skins, I thought it would be fun to mix and match the free shapes with the free skins and see what the results would be. The top row is the result of mixing up the Asian shape with the African American, Asian and White Skins.

Next up would be the African American Shape with the Asian, White and African American Skins.

Next up is the Causasian shape with the three skins.

Last and sort of least, I used my own shape with the three skins. I think the African American skins works well with all three. The white skin is fairly hideous on all of them and there are mixed results with the Asian skin.

PS. I tried an experiment today where I bought some prim lashes and tried to size them to Atticus since every cute guy I've ever met has long lashes. As is he looked like a drag queen. Has anyone had anyone has success with this? Is there a mens hair or skin designer that makes lashes for men? If not does anyone have a trick? Thanks, Sherpa

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