Saturday, October 27, 2007

Wonder Woman!!!!

I've blogged this store before, but since it is so close to Halloween I think it is worth noting that there is a store giving away free costumes to newbies. The store is Szentasha Fashions and they have several different costumes. Xena, Playboy Bunny, Naughty Cop among others.

I've also been checking out the CSI:NY set and dowloaded OnRez as my SecondLife viewer. I'm not sure how I feel about it. The buttons are in different places, but it does seem more Newbie friendly. Also the beginner avatars have better shapes and skin and clothes. The hair is prim hair and even the shoes are decent. If you are interested in creating an alt or just want to check out their options go here.

I thought the episode was cute and I was thrilled to hear some of the second life lingo used. I was even more thrilled that Dwight has a second life avatar on The Office, "I'm a paper salesman in Second life and my name is Dwight, but I can fly"

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Adam n' Eve freebie shoes for the under 30 set

Adam n' Eve is giving away a free pair of shoes (any shoe in the store,excluding boots) to avatars under 30 days old. Just go to the shoe department and you'll see a box for the newbie gift certificate. Click on it and you'll receive a notecard and gift certificate on how to get your shoes.
There is also a free black lacy robe in the store for everyone.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Random Freebie Roundup

Ok, for sure this post is a mish mash of different designers. I have had a bunch of different freebies and gifts hanging around waiting to be blogged and since it's my day off I decided to finally do it. The cute little rhinestone glasses are a gift from *icing*. I honestly can't remember whether I got them at the store or from the update group so you should just go over there. It's worth it anyway because it is a supercute store in a great sim with lots of other freebies. The purple top and corset tops as well as the peacock earrings were gifts from Microphage courtesy of the EFA Fashion week group.

The camouflage shirt and lost shirts are both gift freebies for the ::Dutch Touch:: update group.

This cute little hat with the sticks and the black fuzzy hat are freebies from Chapeau Tres Minions Hats or the EFA fashion week group.

The fruit earrings are from Quinlan Quimby for the EFA fashion week update group

MG Fashion

I've been seeing all these blogs for the gorgeous silks at MG Fashion and just drooling. (so bad for the keyboard) so I went over there praying that they have some freebies. Yup, yeah! Not the silks, nor would I expect them, I might have to save up, but some other really great things. I am never taking off these black pants. No seriously. I realized recently that I was being so diligent about clearing out and storing my inventory in boxes that when I went to a fashion show all I had to wear for pants were the glitch pants to my freebie icings dress. I just hoped people thought I was making a fashion statement. I was, I was stating ,"I need pants."

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Super tweaked freebies

First I went over to BooN and picked up the freebie hair. I wasn't super psyched about the black scarf so I changed the texture. I used the ad for Zhao shoes as my texture and now it looks like a cool scarf. I went over to Zhao where Melanie Zhao is having a hunt for these freebie Halloween shoes. How cute is that little spider on the back! She's super nice too, even if she can't keep a secret. (Don't worry Melanie, I can)

Hey I found a $L100 Gift Certificate in my Inventory

So I found a random gift certificate in my inventory from Launa Fauna of LF Fashions in Port Serafine. I don't know where it came from or why I have it (Launa if you are reading this, thank you!) of course I ran right over and picked myself up the two (purple and black) freebie tee shirts and this "you girlfriend is a man" (snort) tee also.

I takes my Vitamin's (Ci that is)

Ciera Bergman of Vitamin Ci put out a call to the first ten people to visit her sim and say "I want something to wear heffer!" would get any outfit from her store free. I hightailed my slightly too big for prim skirts ass over there as fast as I could and grabbed this retrolicious number called 'Jolee Olive'. Works perfectly with my super awesome Armidi hair.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Skin within freebies

Skin within has some fun freebies for their new sim opening. There are three boxes that randomly appear and disappear as you find them. One holds this free Ava Skin, One holds this blue gown and the other has a HUD with animation overrides including a sexy walk and modeling poses.

Free plus sized shaped at Zada

I've been sporting my own plus size shape for some time now, but I was happily surprised to find out that the shape designer Zada offers her Demeter plus sized shape for free. It's not quite as big as my own, but definitely curvier than usual avatar shaped. The package comes with prim lashes to fit this shape and some alternative shapes to help fit skirts and prim skirts better.

Bikini is from Casa Del Shai, hair is from Armidi

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Free to be You and Me and me and me and me

It's so nice to spend time in a world where having multiple personality comes in handy. Not only do I have several, ahem, alternative personalities, each of them has them too. I'm a whole world all by myself. First I went over to DG innovations for their grand opening and picked up the gorgeous freebie gown on display. Then I almost stepped on a spider which normally would have freaked me out, but this one contained jewelry so we came to an understanding. After spending all that time being so damn elegant, I decided to get my freak on and donned the freebie hoochie outfit from Savvy?. A most fulfilling day all

Silent Sparrow Group Freebie

I love Silent Sparrow for it's dark gothic sensibility. They periodicaly give out freebies available only to group members. This one is the 'murder' shirt. It's named for a murder of crows and the ribbon has black and red crows on it. It is fantastic detail. The skin is the Minnu Skins freebie skin given out a while back. Hair is ETD freebie Airy and eyelashes are by Cake.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Real Life Person Challenge #1 Natascha McElhone

I was watching Californication the other night and I felt myself fascinated by Natascha McElhone's face. I decided to try to recreate her. It was kind of hard. Her features are all so distinctive. To make her eyes I had to put the eye bugging slider almost all the way up. The nose was hard. I made the lower and upper bridge high, but there was no way to lengthen it. I tried putting the mouth closer, but I had to make the face shorter because her chin then looked too big. I think it turned out pretty good though. The skin made a big difference. The skin is Tete a Pied, the shape is my own modification of the free newbie shape that I got at *Icing*. The hair is Armidi.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Ok, one more Armidi Post and then I'll shut up

It is really hard for me to find hair I like for men. Most of them look ok from the front,but then the back looks like a bowl of bananas. I bought the Ibiza from Armidi because it is the best hair I have seen so far. I have even told newbie men, "go bald until you find good hair" because it just looks so stupid when you have bad man hair. Like you are wearing your grandma's wig. Not sexy.

The only problem I have with this hair is the weird way the widow's peak is shaped in the front. I'm not sure if it is the size of my head or what but at $L295 I've been a little afraid to play with it. All in all though, I'm pretty happy with it. This is the aesthetic I was going for. Slightly androgenous but not emo. *UPDATE* Thank you Tenshe! She wrote me a comment that said it wasn't the hair, it was me and all I needed to do was move the hair back. Voila!!! It's official, Armidi hair for men is perfect.

I've seen so many men wearing this already though. I think I can live with that.

Friday, October 5, 2007

I just couldn't help myself

Oh, I though Armidi was finally open and they WERE, but then they closed again for a day. They will open again tomorrow. I had to buy this hair though. This is a whole new standard for SL hair. Just so you aren't confused, this is NOT a freebie. It was L$275 . It was so weird though, because when I saw the thumbnail for this picture I thought for a second it was a photograph of me. Strange feeling.

This item however was a freebie. The dress was a free gift from Bossa Nova for their update group. Since I am plus sized, I sometimes have a problem with the fit of prim items. I had to resize the prim skirt to fit me. I have a better time with system skirts because, who cares if it makes my ass look fat? My ass IS fat. LOL.The hair is ETD beginner, which can be found in the ETD discount area.

Monday, October 1, 2007

New Newbie Skins at Tete a Piet

There is literally no reason at all for new players of Second Life to look like crap for ten seconds. These skins are absolutely free for avatars under thirty days old and they are ravishing. Look at those lips! Available at Tete a Pied. Go go go go!
The lashes I am wearing are from Cake and cost a hundred lindens. I saved up. I said right from the beginning that I would only spend money I earned because I want to be in the same position as the average Newbie. It took a while, but theyare absoluely worth it.