Saturday, January 26, 2008

Frangipani Freebies

After seeing the post for the new Frangipani freebie hair, I went on over and found several really great freebie hairs all in fat packs of lots of colors. I am modeling the color 'blood' mwwahhhaaaahh in all mine.
My skin is one of the original Eloh free skins, Le0, from Another shop, it's one of my favorites because I love the eyebrows so much. I downloaded her files and now I'm trying to figure out photoshop. Der.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Things I wouldn't do in real life...

Unless I really looked like this, in which case, yeah I probably would. This is the gorgeous freebie lingerie from Ingenue. I know it's been blogged already, but COME ON will you just look at this?

Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Truth is out there

*Update* The tee shirts are by pushbutton industries and they can be found in the gift shop at Le Zoo sim.
Sorry I've been away so long kids. I had issues (*cough, didn't pay bill,cough*) with my DSL and I've been using EEK dial-up. Not so fun with SL. I just loved thes group gift hairs for the Truth update group. I recolored them in red, coz' I'm a redhead. (click on hair, choose edit, choose texture then color, pick color, viola!) These gorgeous skins are the freebie Chai skins for those who purchase Secondstyle Magazine in world you can find a kiosk at Le Zoo. I love these Tshirts. I know I got them free from a store in LeZoo, but I've having a mind fart as to wear, if anyone knows please write to me and let me know. The white zip pants were an advent gift from Wrong and the earing were an advent gift from Second Mirage.