Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Allure magazine aargh!

I have had zero time lately, but I wanted to pop in and talk about the Allure magazine article I just read. It was just one of those annoying one page blurbs, but it made me ***crazy***. The title of the article was 'game on' and the author, Beth Kwon, compared four games and their avatars with your ability to customize the Avatar adn how hip the clothing is. She chose, The Sims 2,Rock Band, WWE Smackdown vs. Raw and Mass Effect. Hellooooooo. Ok, so these are actual video games and not online games but, still, huh? I think I'm going to write to her with a link to this feed.
I am wearing The Ivalde freebie, The headpiece from the freebie burlesque outfit from YIP, the freebie Maitreya hair and the Fleur Vivant Buff feline skin I bought with my gift card.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Valentine's hunt et al

I joined in the Valentine's hunt for a bit. I admit to being kind of lazy. Not so much about the hunting, but waiting for things to rez makes me nutty. I did pick up a few cute things though. All of the hair in these photos in from Amorepacific. It's tricky to find, but worth it. Here is the link to creamy's post on SL*FreeStyle about how to find it.

In the top picture (reminding myself strongly of Lacey in the Rock of Love 2 roller derby challenge) I'm wearing the Vitamin Ci freebie from the hunt.

In the middle picture I'm wearing my own modified skins from Another Skin and the valentines freebie from CKS designs.

The bottom picture was my hunting costume. The dress is a freebie from Ivalde, minus the prim skirt. I'm wearing the pixel dolls belt , the cross and earings are an advent gift from Second Mirage. The skin is a group gift from MM skins and the glasses were a freebie from icings.

Monday, February 4, 2008

A conglomeration

Wow, ok, so now I have all this stuff and I'm lucky if I can figure out where I got it all, never mind if it is still available. Arg. I shall endeavor to do my best. The skin is my own attempt to modify an Eloh skin from Another shop. I didn't really do anything creative. I am really excited because I keep going back to the LeO skin because of the eyebrows, now I can use the same eyebrows with virtually any eyeshadow and lipstick combo and that's all I need really.

Top: Earings and necklace are from the new collection at Second Mirage. They were a generous gift for those of us who attended the fashion show (the whole collection actually) They aren't free, but the collection can be found at the store. It is an amazing collection. The blouse and corset are a group gift (part of a peasant dress) from Tuli. The hair is a group gift from Philotic Energy that I recolored red.

Middle: The hair is a Fashion Consolidated free gift from bewitched that is part of a fat pack. It is probably still available in the notices. the earings are color change and from Artilleri and the necklace is from Alienbear. Shirt is the undershirt layer alone of the Bianca latex dress.Mask is from Illusions . All should still be in Fashion Consolidated group notices. Latex pants are from Wrong.

Bottom: Shirt is three layers from the Bianca latex dress. Mainline unisex jeans from Callie Cline. The necklace is from Illusions. The little cupid doll is from Valentino All in Fash Con notices. Hair is from Philotic Energy.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Stop Thieves!

Bad people ripping off other people's skins and clothes is rampant. I'm at a protest today at a nasty little store that is selling stolen skins and blatently using stolen ads from them. If you want to come down and join the protest. This is he Slurl.
Laynie of Layniewear made this protest skin and eyes. The horrific little cupid is a Fashcon freebie from Valentino. The hair is a Fashcon freebie from Bewitched and the pearl necklace is from Bonita Popinjay. Sorry no Slurls on those, I will properly blog them when protest is over.